What happens when you put an extremely extroverted verbal communicator on moderate vocal rest? What are the emotional, physical and medical aspects of going through this process?

The Silent Treatment aims to answer these questions by providing a day-to-day look into the life of someone going through just that. 

It’s scary not being able to speak very much and not knowing how long that will last. As an improv comedian and singer, it’s frustrating to miss out on a growing number of opportunities, not knowing what the cap will be. As an extremely social person, I have to learn new ways to convey my feelings to others and learn not to get upset with those who don’t understand what is happening to my body.

Cell phone 4-26-14 3445

Hopefully The Silent Treatment will help anyone else going through something similar, if for no other reason than they now know they’re not alone. I’d love to hear anyone’s thoughts on this or personal experiences dealing with prescribed vocal rest and the frustrating medical process of determining what’s wrong with you and what, if anything, can be done.

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