A layperson might say something like “Wow! What beautiful vocal folds!” in reaction to this side-by-side comparison of my throat from June to yesterday.

In my doctor’s words, it should “work like a champ! Congratulations!”

Only here’s the thing: it doesn’t. Why do our bodies lie to us?

There are two possibilities here, as far as I can tell. 1. My throat is working well, but my mind can’t believe it and thinks there’s a problem, causing me to feel like there is still a problem. Or 2. My throat looks great but there is actually something else going on.

My doctor wasn’t much help in figuring out the answer. He did, however, suggest I see yet another new doctor. I am happy to see another specialist if I understand how they can scientifically help fix my problem.

She’s a singing voice therapist, specializing in injured voices. Sounds great, except I can hardly talk without losing my voice or feeling fatigued. How am I supposed to jump from not talking to singing?

When I asked my doctor, he informed me that the new specialist is a “miracle worker”. I hope so.


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