I have to rest my voice now so I can use it later. I feel it coming back. it’s coming back.

Waiting feels soooo painful, but also it’s exciting, because I have so much to look forward to!

I know the songs I want to sing. I can’t wait to sing!

Around campfires; on a couch with friends; at an open mic; whatever!

My progress with being able to eat certain foods was much slower than typical. They said solid foods within four weeks. That was not my experience.

Well, similarly, I’m experiencing the same when it comes to my voice. It’s supposed to be back in two-three months after the Nissen Fundoplication. It’s been two, and my progress has been minimal. BUT – there has been progress. It’s small, but I feel it.

My body is ready to let out what I’ve been holding in for years. It’s time. I hope the rest of the world is ready. Because once I start, I have NO intention of holding back ever, ever, ever again.


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