It’s so easy to forget other people have struggles.

I just walked by a room of coworkers. They were all chatting, laughing and eating – three things that are extremely precious to me right now – and they weren’t even thinking about it.

They were living in a beautiful fun moment.

I caught myself thinking, “They really don’t understand anything.”

I won’t beat myself up for this thought because I know better than to buy into it, but I am a little disappointed it’s my default.

Everyone has fought some kind of battle. Whether it had to do with their personal relationships, an inner-conflict, a physical issue, or an unholy trinity of all three, they have been through hardships.

It’s not fair for me to judge people who aren’t going through exactly what I’m experiencing at any given moment.

I’m just jealous. But I know it will pass. Eventually, I’ll get my voice back, or I’ll adapt. I’ll be bitter, or I’ll be glad, and sometimes I’ll be both, but eventually, I will adapt.


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