This is my third night home after leaving the hospital. While having people waiting on you and taking care of every need is nice to a point, I feel like I’ve healed much more quickly here than I could have at Methodist.

You can’t start to see yourself going back to real life when you’re glued to a bed for days. 1 and a half was enough for me.

The wave of support from my friends and family started before I went under and hasn’t ended yet. I’m so grateful to them. From friendly texts and Facebook messages to handwritten cards to actual gifts and even errands, people have really helped me a lot the past few days. I would be immensely depressed without them.

So far my voice hasn’t had significant change, but it’s supposed to take up to three months. Also when they anesthetize you, they stick a tube between your vocal folds to pump air into your body (hello, bloating!), which leaves your throat dry and a little raw.

I’m hoping within a few weeks I’ll see some major difference. For now, i’m going to try to keep resting it and just testing it out ever so often.

Physically I feel better than I thought I would when I first came out of surgery. That was miserable. I slept most of the day, and a lot of the second day. Being home has helped my sleep schedule a lot. 

Laparoscopic incisions

Laparoscopic incisions

I’m still achey and sore from time to time, but the pain medicine helps. I also finally started having bowel movements today, so I’m not as bloated as I was. The biggest adjustment right now is random fatigue that hits hard. I’ll be exhausted seemingly out of nowhere, but I guess my body knows what’s up.

Speaking of random fatigue, I’m experiencing some now. Till next time.


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