“What’s up?” Two common words that when paired together are practically useless. It begs no response, and shows as much forethought as the ever annoying “How was your day?“.

For someone on voice rest, this is by far the most annoying question. 

There are only so many words I have throughout the day. Responding to your non-question with “nothing much, you?” is the last thing I want to do.

Of course in this situation I have the power to use it as a real question and give a sincere answer about how I’m doing, but why would I do that when the asker doesn’t actually want to know? 

I’ve dropped using casual greetings at work, opting to nod instead. I understand that the next logical step for people after greeting is asking how someone is doing. But know, if I answer insincerely to keep from being “rude”, you’re wasting my voice by inviting this interaction. If I answer sincerely, it will probably revolve around the fact that I can’t talk about it and wish you wouldn’t ask me that question and I’ll tell you how I’m doing if we need to talk about it. 

I realize how blunt all of this is. People just want to be polite, and some are genuinely interested in how I’m doing. But for now, I have my support system. There is a small circle of people who understand how I communicate right now, and they’re the ones I’m surrounding myself with so I don’t have to apologize for giving short answers. I’ll let out how I feel to those who need to know when I feel like it. 

The least rude thing people can do for me right now is something we’re trained not to do: talk about themselves!



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