Fight Together/Win Together!

Yesterday I got great news. It wouldn’t be near as great if I didn’t have amazingly supportive people to share it with.

Whether I was upset because of the way a doctor was treating me, or mad at myself for the way I snapped at a coworker, the two women who share my office have been nothing short of present, considerate and supportive.

The greatest part of all is that we support each other. We fight together.

While I’m going through medical issues with my voice, my two coworkers are dealing with their own personal issues (for privacy reasons I won’t share them here).

When one of us is down and needs help up, the other two are already reaching out before we even have to ask for help. When one of us needs motivation to call the same doctor or lawyer for the third time just to try to find the same information, the others offer to dial the number and pretend to be each others’ assistant to get the call started.

When we’re in a bad mood, we can tell each other. And we don’t judge each other for it. You can walk right into our office and say “Stay out of my way today!” just as easily as you can cross the threshold and confess that you really just need to talk about it.

So what’s the good news?
My doctor’s appointment got moved from July 7th to June 6th! That’s only one month away! I know I still have to wait, but knowing it’s that much closer gives me such peace of mind. I’m so ready to move forward and take the next steps toward healing. I’ll squeeze every ounce of joy I can out of this victory.

I’m even more joyous because both of my coworkers just got good news regarding their individual struggles as well. The fact that I can share all of this with them makes my heart so light.

You really can’t underestimate the power of a support system. It’s amazing what we can get through together.


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