While my gastroenterologist is a total tool-hole, my speech therapist and voice doctor’s team are amazing.

I forwarded the results of the PH Monitor to my voice doctor, and they called me one day later with their insights.

Everything boils down to this: I need to go to an esophogeal doctor and probably get an upper GI.

They said that my redness and swollen vocal folds are caused by non-acid reflux. I have a significant amount of reflux episodes throughout the day (70, vs the norm, which is less than 40). There aren’t medications for non-acid reflux right now, so the doctors want me to get an upper GI to find out what’s causing all this reflux.

They’ll check out my upper and lower esophogeal sphinctors. There’s also something lovely called endoscopic manometry, that I might have to do. The shit thing is I’ve already had one, but my doctor didn’t order the results so they weren’t calculated. I’m willing to do it again if it means learning what’s causing my problems.

I’m starting to think I might need surgery. The doctor who went over my PH monitor results said I’m too young to have this much non-acid reflux without something physically wrong with me causing it.

She was very nice, and tried to be reassuring. But when she told me “Don’t worry,” I almost lost it. You don’t worry, because you’re not dealing with it. She said I was being smart and proactive and I’m in good hands, but I’m going to worry. What else can I do?

It’s too late to call the doctor today so I’m waiting till tomorrow. Till then I’ll try and take her advice.


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